vendredi 20 février 2015

AT 1.1

An Open Letter to the People of Earth from the Commune of Citadel

At long last, it has been done. We have pushed and stretched and shredded our planet to ruin. And unlike in the past, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We did this. We built and built without regard, then sat back and idly watched as everyone—EVERYONE—with even some semblance of sense prophesized, warned us, pleaded with us to stop. Now the day they spoke of is here. We must abandon our Mother Earth, our beautiful Gaia. 
She is gone, and we must find a new Mother. But, if we are not conscious of our past, humanity will continue their vicious cyle of power and abuse and destruction. We must be like the phoenix, we must rise from the ashes. Truly rise, not just shift the ashes around the fireplace in the hopes that things will get better.
Without the memory of our Beautiful Mother, we will not escape. If we ignore our past, we have no future. This is not a suggestion to remain stuck in the past, if that was the case, there would be no point in leaving our Mother, instead it would be better to surrender ourselves to fate and let the fires consume us all.
Those leaving must desire change, not simply the continuation of what once was. Those aboard the ISS HANIWA cannot continue, or worse, invert the current structures. No, for true change, we must subvert them.
Since the beginning of the Industrial Age over two centuries ago, humanity has lost our collective being-state. As our lives became more individualized, we lost the connectedness and empathy of community between each other and our Mother. The being-state has not been entirely destroyed, as historically, small pockets of renewed being state have existed within the Bohemians, Artists, and Anarchists. But those rebirths and lives have always been brief and small-scale, never enough to benefit humanity as a whole. If we are to succeed on this new planet, our New Gaia, we must re-learn the being-state, and relearn it quickly. Our existence depends on it.
The World Wars of Religions cannot continue. Those aboard the ISS HANIWA must pool religions as humanity has pooled its resources on our dying Mother. Only by removing our differences can we regain the being-state and hope to survive.
The being-state has been shown to exist and replicated in all areas: science, the arts, history, anthropology, religious studies, etc., etc. However, most of humanity does not know and cannot remember the being-state. You yourself may know it by another name with a more simplified definition: Altruism. And you would be partially correct. But, while Altruism is a significant pillar of the being-state, it is not the Entire Being-State.
We need a teacher, one who was in tune with our Beautiful Mother and Humankind Itself, so as to better be in tune with our New Mother. To claim to be a God, the Messiah, a prophet, would of course be absurd. No person can make that claim. But in order to regain something, one must have an understanding of it in the first place. My comrades and I have been studying the being-state for a majority of our lives, some since the day they were born. On the ISS HANIWA, I will teach and explain the being-state that is so essential to our survival. My comrades will remain on our Mother until such a time as all of humanity can be brought to a permanent state of existence on our new planet.
We have failed our Mother, and now we are paying the price. We cannot repeat the same mistakes we have made with our Mother on our new home. For all of our sakes.
Mother, you gave us everything and we betrayed you. Please forgive us.
Until we meet again, may you be as safe as the crow flies.


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