dimanche 24 janvier 2016

ABe 1.5

I have no luggage per se, which is why I was surprised to receive a notice to go and reclaim it at Bay YB-16 - wherever that was.
I was surprised again when I realized that my notebook had disapeared from my rear pocket. That was particularly awkward as I had never taken it out. It was still unwritten. Who knows? Maybe that kind of article has an enormous value already. Or it is bound to have soon, and someone has already speculated on this.
It was not a serious loss, to put it mildly. But in some corner of my head, I knew I was entitled to look out for people with too many pens and crayons. It was not the kind of incident that could prevent me from staying aboard the Haniwa.
The next move was to find a place to settle down. I wanted to build one with my own hands, actually, although it seemed sensible to wait after the Launching. I went to Barracks XT-14, as shown, and billetted myself to a two-room flat, on ground level.

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